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My name is Sharif Lawton. A Physique & Lifestyle Consultant with a passion for helping folks from all walks of life achieve their very best physical and mental self.

I have coached hundreds of men and women from all around the world to help them achieve the best version of themselves. . You can check some of them out here and see what they have to say here.

Now, you're probably thinking "'Great' another guy in the health and fitness space who eats chicken, broccoli and brown rice 6x per day, never eats anything from the bakery aisle or enjoys wine on the weekends. He probably has never even been out of shape before, how can I relate to him​?"

Yea, that's not really been the case at all... In fact I have been pretty damn skinny in my time, unable to put on the muscle mass needed to grow an impressive physique, and I have also been pretty 'cuddly' as my quest to build muscle mass was led astray by muscle mags and bad information.












Is getting the body of your dreams a walk in the park? Absolutely not.

Should getting in shape require you to sacrifice all your favourite foods all of the time and live a sheltered and isolated existence? Absolutely not.

Can you still enjoy the finer things in life whilst still getting in top shape? Absolutely yes.

Albert Einstein once said that the very definition of madness, is doing the same thing over and over again...but expecting a different result. If you want results to be proud off and to take that first step in upgrading your health, physique and mindset today...I'd be happy to be in your corner. 

This was all before I discovered how to eat and train in a way that developed a lean, strong and powerful look. The kind of cover model look that many people are after. 

Let's Do This Together

A nutrition plan that suits you and your lifestyle. Whether it be fat loss or muscle gain, we will leave no stone unturned when it comes to conjuring up the best nutrition plan to suit your goals, preferences and lifestyle. Nutrition plans and macronutrient/calorie targets are always customised to the individual. There is no one size fits all when it comes to nutrition


Zoom Consultations

Zoom consultations are a fantastic way of optimising your current training and nutrition regime so that you can rest assured you are reaching your goals in the fastest, most effective way.


Meetings are scheduled for an hour going through your current routine, goals, timeframes, past history in terms of exercise and nutrition etc. From there we optimise your plan for the upcoming weeks and you get given a comprehensive tracking spreadsheet and nutrition plan to go away and execute based on the information given during the consult.


Typically clients who sign up to this service book in Zoom consultations every 6-10 weeks to ensure they are on the right track.

A mapped out training plan progressive in nature taking into account how many times per week you can get to the gym, your time allowances, likes/dislikes and ability level. The emphasis is on specific exercise section which works, no fluff, no fads.


Having had the very best mentors myself when starting up in the industry, I pride myself in making sure I am at the forefront with the very latest scientific literature on the best ways to build muscle and burn fat. I will often attend lectures and seminars worldwide to ensure my clients have the very best knowledge and application.

Cutting Edge Science

With so much nonsense in the health and fitness industry, promoting pills and potions that will do nothing apart from make your wallet lighter - I take out the confusion and the marketing and recommend supplements that are safe and will help give you the edge on your training and nutrition.


If you are ready to:


- Take your physical and mental shape to the next level 

- Still be able to enjoy going out , and have a thriving social life

- Have new mindset skills that will transfer over into other areas of your life

- Access the very latest and up to date training, nutrition and supplement advice out there

Then apply below and get ready to achieve some amazing results.

Sharif Lawton

I'm looking forward to meeting you

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