Dell Farrell On Womens Fitness


2:30 An introduction to Dell and her history of exercise and nutrition

5:50 Common barriers Dell experiences with a lot of women and how she re-educates them 9:17 Why Dell focus's on getting her clients feeling great, before looking great and why she get's het clients to eat at maintenance calories before any fat loss.

11:20 Environment is everything

12:36 Out of sight, out of mind - Forcing functions

14:06 Getting family and friends on board

17:07 Dell's Transformation. Strategy and details.

18:42 IIFYM

22:40 Re-feeds, diet breaks and what Dell does when she isn't in photo shoot prep

24:11 What happens after you finish a diet?

27:25 Intuitive eating vs tracking macros

31:05 Dell's thoughts on Intermittent Fasting

34:25 Why you shouldn't talk in absolutes

35:35 Dell's tips for those just starting their journey in fitness

37:19 Dell's future plans

38:09 Where you can find Dell

Dell's Links Instagram @becauseglutes

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